Barista training

According to our standards, a professional barista is characterized by: efficient, clean work, good ergonomics of movements, developed knowledge of coffee, knowledge of his craft, precision, minimalism and hospitality. The development of a conscious barista often involves years of gaining experience and laboriously searching for optimal solutions. The training system we have developed is a shortcut: a huge dose of practical knowledge combined with the honing of technique under the guidance of a trainer allows you to quickly prepare for professional customer service. Through our training courses:

  • you will gain an informed workforce, capable of solving daily problems behind the bar independently,
  • Your customers will be well served and thus more likely to return to your establishment,
  • You will avoid many mistakes made by novices,
  • you will receive tips on how to take care of the high quality of the infusions you serve,
  • you will gain a reputation as a place where coffee is served by professional baristas,
  • We will show you how to work more efficiently and without overloading your body,
  • We will show you how to keep the bar clean and how to maintain the equipment,
  • Your milk coffees will begin to decorate LatteArts.

Consultation of cafes and equipment

Setting up a coffee shop without having the proper knowledge and experience involves a high risk of failure. Creating a functional coffee workspace from scratch only seems trivial. Each solution requires thought and the creation of ergonomic solutions for the space of your premises before the plan is put into practice. Equally important is to select the right equipment for the demand. What is worth investing in, and where to save? Through consultation with us, you will learn what to pay special attention to when setting up a café:

  • We will help you choose the right equipment that will last for many years,
  • you will receive insightful assistance in arranging your bar to maximize its efficiency,
  • You will save money by implementing solutions that reduce equipment operation,
  • We will help you choose the right marketing activities,
  • we will pass on the “know how” about managing a modern cafe and employees,
  • Thanks to our cooperation with AkVo, we will test your water and help you select the appropriate filtration or mineralization systems.

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