KAFAR+AkVo water systems

A good cafe cannot do without proper H2O filtering facilities. The best grain, the most expensive equipment will be of no use if we do not take care of the ideal parameters of our water. So we decided to join forces with an expert on the subject to allow our customers to serve infusions at the highest level.

Cooperation with the best coffee shops and roasters of Europe and the long experience of the AkVo brand allows us to believe that our joint project “coffee+water” will contribute to a significant increase in the quality of coffee served in the premises of our customers. We realize that not all start-up cafes can afford to purchase professional water filtration equipment, so we want to relieve our customers in this regard by taking this cost on ourselves.

As part of our cooperation with the KAFAR roaster, we offer the AkVo water filtration system, which is provided by us completely free of charge.

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