Kafar coffee is our selected beans from the world’s best plantations. For us, what is important is the origin of the beans from a single plantation of a specific country, the selection of the right coffee strains and the type of processing used. That’s why each packet includes a detailed description, so you can find out where your coffee comes from, what strain it is, how it was prepared, and learn the date it was roasted. Each batch is fired in small ovens in an artisanal manner by professionals, allowing the utmost control of every minute of the process. Being aware of how important the freshness of coffee is, we do our best to get it into your hands in the shortest possible time.

Kafar Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Plantation: the Cooxupe Cooperative

Crop altitude: 750 above sea level – …

Score: 83 SCA
Grain: Mundo Novo, Bourbon
Treatment: Washed

It is the best choice for lovers of low-acid coffee. Brazil’s distinctive nut aromas combine with the subtle bitterness of dark chocolate and the sweetness of mirabelle. The long-lasting sensation in the mouth leaves a caramel aftertaste. A coffee dedicated to pressurized methods, perfectly blended with the addition of milk.

Region: Jimma

Plantation: Agaro
Score: 88.5 SCA
Strain: Hairloom

Treatment: Washed
Harvest: November-December 2018.

Region: jimma,

Plantation: Agaro

Score: 88 SCA

Strain: Heirloom

Treatment: Natural

Harvest: November-December 2018

Region: Muranga

Plantation: Kaganda

Score: 87.25 SCA
Strain: SL 28, SL34
Treatment: Washed
Harvest: September-January 2018/2019

Region: Kirinyaga

Plantation: Muchagara

Score: 88 SCA
Strain: SL28, SL34

Treatment: Washed

Harvest: September-January 2018/2019

Region: Kerinici

Plantation: Borokah

Score: 85.5 SCA
Strain: Andung Sari, Sigaran Utang
Treatment: Fully Washed
Collection: October-April 2018/2019

Region: Pinhal

Plantation: Fazenda Pinhal

Score: 84.5 SCA
Strain: Catucai
Treatment: Pulped Natural

Harvest: May-September 2019


Region: Copan

Plantation: Corquin

Score: 89 SCA

Strain: Lempira

Treatment: 72h macerated natural
Collection: November-January 2018/2019