Kafar is a brand created in 2015 by a group of baristas. The heart of the project is a specialty coffee roastery which powers all of our other endeavors such as coffee education, workshops as well as managing outdoor events. We pay the utmost attention to the quality of coffee grains that we procure so that coffee in our offer is of the highest quality. We are procuring coffee in a moral way with respect to the rights of the local communities

Pawel Siemaszko

Pawel Siemaszko is a co-owner of Kafar roastery. He also roasts coffee but mainly he is fulfilling his life-long dream of being an office worker. Creator and owner of AkVo brand – water filtration system which allows
the user to design his/her own water profile. In his spare time he repairs old espresso machine and looks after his baby – Kafo Coffeeshop – where it all started

Adam Laska

Adam Laska is also a co-owner of Kafar roastery. Adam is our master roaster who is also responsible for quality control as well as choosing the green coffee. Adam is an Arabica Q-Grader who is ruthless for coffee
defects and failed roasts. Because of his position he mainly drinks coffee with grounds. Besides that he is a rising star of Youtube and an aspiring cyclis

Blazej Walczykiewicz

Błażej Walczykiewicz – Last but no least of Kafar’s Co-owners. Beside that Błażej is a coffee competition judge, coach and the best consultant there is. He also is an Arabica Q Grader so, just as Adam, he is
also responsible for Quality Control. Błażej also created Coffee Support which is one of the most professional coffee education venues in Poland. Enormous experience and his openness allow him to sell every coffee there is.


Grzegorz Peciak

In coffee history it is said the coffee goes from a grain till the cup. In his experience it goes from tennis ball, through broadly understood trade and to the cup. Do all roads lead to coffee then?
The newest member of Kafar Team. He will give you advice, support you, he will regulate your grinder and educate you, that’s all he is. Grzegorz is responsible for taking care of you, our lovely clients! If you have an issue, call Grzegorz!


Adam Bauer